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3PL logistic

Cargoteam is available and capable of offering its 3PL services to a wide spectrum of goods and cargoes. Its services of this nature are characterized with effectiveness and efficiency in terms of solutions, quality, reliability, and cost-saving, in relation to a variety of services of domestic and international transport, relocation, startup, moving, and warehousing. Its managerial and operational staff’s expertise and expertience allow Cargoteam to involve in and meet its customers’ demand and requirements




Cargoteam is an asset based company, not only Cargoteam disposed of its own warehouse of 2500m2 but also outsource several warehouses all over VN  Our warehouse benefit of 48 cameras, 24 hours surveillance, selective racking systems, flat area but also cool warehouse. Our warehouse is equipped with docking stations, and water emergency pipe system.

We can supply bonded and normal warehouses, short and long term storage for most of your goods.



B2B and B2C


Not only cargoteam can ensure normal B2B business but also B2C, Cargoteam recently joined efforts with a B2C partner , gathering:

750 staffs with 10 years experience in b2c business.

3 main hub warehouses in VN with 64 branches all over VN.

Integrated IT online system tracking all shipments, payment cash or bank transfer and return of goods etc…'.

Minimum volume he is interested to support us is around 700 to 1000 deliveries per day.

Product analysis and sales forecast.

Secure transaction payment.


Custom brokerage


Cargoteam Benefit of a team of 10 professional custom broker all graduate from custom school and with years of esperience in shipping. They can handle:

General custom clearance.

3 temporary import/re expor.

Liquidation of customs book for manufacturing.

Expand visa for certain machineryy.

Counseling for licensing, inspection, and certification.

Revisions of all shipping documents for custom clearance.



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