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Airport code

is a short code used to identify a specific airport. Based on IATA, airport code is a three-letter code which is the most commonly known to the public.


An application that expedites the clearance of cargo for the subsequent release of containers when imported to the US.

Bill of lading

Is a document signed by carrier and issued to the shipper of goods that evidences the receipt of goods for shipment to a specified designation and person.


Is a flat-bottomed boat, built for river and canal transport of heavy goods.

Cut of time

is the time limit when the cargo must be received by carrier.

Chargeable weight

is the actual gross weight or the volume weight of the shipment – whichever is greater.


Is a surcharge collected by carriers to cover the arising expense from re-position of a large amount of empty containers from excess place to deficient place.


Is a method in which a freight forwarder at the port of origin combines several individual consignments to make up a full container load. This arrangement allows goods to be shipped in security. At the port of destination, the consolidated shipment is separated back into the original individual consignment for delivery to the consignee.


Cbm stands for Cubic Meter. This is the most common unit used for the measurement of volumetric cargo. Normally, dimensions are in Length x Width X Height.


Are dangerous goods. DG are substance that may be corrosive, flammable, explosive, toxic … These goods can be deadly and can damage property and environment.

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