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Delivery order

Is a written instruction from the owner of the goods to someone who is keeping them to give them to another person.


Is "Estimated Time of Departure"


Is "Estimated Time of Arrival"


Fee for cargo bound for the EU. All goods brought into the custom territory of the EU community shall be cover by Entry Summary Declaration.


Which is the same as bunker surcharge, is  the adding of the premium for fuel to the cost of the freight.


FCL means the load reaches its allowable maximum weight or measurement.


Means that there will be no extra shipping charge included in the price. The price that mentioned for an article is the final price.

Freight collect

Is that the consignee of the goods is to pay the freight charges upon receiving the goods.

Freight prepaid

Is that the freight charges have been paid and the consignee can get the goods without paying the carrier.               

Formula to calculate chargeable weight

Volume Weight = (Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)) / 6000

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