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Feeder vessel

Which is normally small size, serves between small ports to major ports. Average capacity of a feeder vessel is 300 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) to 500 TEU (20’ containers).


(Fuel Surcharge): means that there will be no extra shipping charge included in the price. The price that mentioned for an article is the final price.


(FREE IN, OUT, STOWED): It is most important to remember that the "Free" reference is viewed from the Ship Owners point of view - not the Shipper’s. Some Shippers get caught out when they read the word "Free" as they incorrectly believe that it refers to them.

Freight rates quoted on a FIOS basis specifically exclude all aspects relating to cargo handling operations. The ship is only responsible for expenses arising as a result of the ship calling into the port, i.e. tugs, pilots and light dues etc. Another very important consideration when booking cargo on FIOS terms is that the ship does not bear any responsibility for the speed of loading or discharging.

Usually the rate agreed includes a fixed "free" period of time for loading/discharging operations, after which time a daily demurrage is incurred. Obviously this is of paramount importance where port congestion or stevedoring performance is uncertain. There are many overseas ports which fall into this category and particularly where vessel demurrage rates can vary significantly, depending on the size and type of ship nominated to undertake the particular project.


This is somewhat a vaguer term given different port practices. However, it generally implies that the freight amount provided includes both shore based and on-board stevedoring, lashing/unlashing, dunnage materials, securing/unsecuring and all costs of presenting to/receiving the cargo from the ship’s side; with the shippers/receivers just bearing the cost of discharging from/reloading to the transport, along with the usual port charges/levies/taxes etc.

Gross weight

is the total weight including contents, packaging.

House bill of lading

Is issued by freight forwarder to the actual customer.

Hanging garment container

(also known as Hang container) is standard, dry container that is outfitted to be able to safely and conveniently carry garments on hangers.  

Inner packaging

is a crucial piece to any product box or shipping container especial when that box contains multiple product pieces.


 is a commercial document issued by seller to buyer, indicating the products, quantities and prices for products or services. Payment terms are usually included on the invoice.

Lift on

is a containerized cargo ship which is loaded and offloaded by a port’s crane.

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