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when there is not enough cargo to a full container. That means cargoes will be shared within a container to deliver economically.


Put cargo on the ship or transportation means.

Lift off

is a containerized cargo ship which is loaded and offloaded by a port’s crane.

LOLO ship

is a containerized cargo ship which is loaded and offloaded by a port’s crane.


Liner Terms is a very ambiguous statement and can be interpreted in a variety of ways in different ports of the world and by different Ship Owners/Agents. Personally we would prefer to clearly define the extent of responsibility when quoting on this basis.


Given that this is a notional point in chartering terms, this is best described as the Shipper/Receiver arranging for delivery/receival of cargo to/from directly under ships hook and the ship paying for the labour to stow the cargo in the vessels cargo holds, as well as on-board lashing & securing and provision of dunnage materials, and to discharge again over the ship’s side. Shore based stevedoring aspects remain the responsibility of the shipper/receiver, however, there are some Owners that may incorporate these costs into their LTHH rate. Once again, ask Owners to clearly define this aspect.

Wharfage charges/dues/taxes can be a contentious issue but are usually considered to be for the Shippers/Receivers account and there may also be many other statutory levies on cargo or freight that may apply. Many Shippers/Receivers are unaware of these additional costs and do not include them into their costing and consequently may be left with an unexpected considerable expense at the completion of a project.

Master bill of lading

Is issued by shipping line (carrier) to the forwarder.


Is a symbol of square meter (the area of a square whose sides measure one meter). Sqm = L x W (m2).

Mother vessel

Is a big size. Mother vessel only serves between major big ports. Mother vessel has the capacity to carry thousands of containers. Average capacity of a mother vessel is 1000 to 1500 TEU.


Unloading of cargo from the transporting vehicle or vessel.

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